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The Company Admirals Maldives

Admirals Maldives Private Limited was incorporated in January 2001 with a young and dedicated team to provide services for ships and yachts.
Now we are providing our services to the worlds most luxurious superyachts, cargo ships, cruise ships, salvage vessels, research vessels and navy ships of various countries. Covering the major ports of Maldives we are dedicated in our services.
In addition to our services in the maritime sector we provide freight and logistics services and travel assistance.
We are keen and we look forward to provide our services for you.

For information and services email: info@admiralsmaldives.com

Contact details

Admirals Maldives Pvt Ltd
Janavary Hingun,
Male', 20050,
Tel: + 960 333 2536
Fax: + 960 333 7539
Duty Mobile: + 960 778 2395